Package Contents:


  • Water runs under ice - breaks through to sunlight
  • A canopy of green - whispers to the caressing wind
  • Mist Fog dampness in the woods - green moss
  • Light upon petals glistens with dew
  • Warbling sounds notes rise and fall - birds not seen
  • Trees standing side by side - family
  • Thawing ponds and peepers begin their chorus
  • Violets white yellow and blue - smiling faces
  • Rain kisses the face of earth - tulips open
  • Fragrance of spring blossoms stirring roots and warm soil - sweet days
  • Beech trees shed their parchment leaves - buds appear
  • Warm rain upon the young pale grass - watch it grow


  • Jewelry in the air fireflies gather at the meadow
  • Crickets trill waking bullfrogs - symphony of the night
  • Lightning streaks skies racing the roll of thunder
  • A command performance of the evening stars
  • Majestic feathers in flight playing in the thermals
  • The sky dimmed to purple
  • Equine hooves thunder clothed in night lean and wild
  • Moonlight lying in the valley Mountains watch silently
  • Water unseen rises only to fall again
  • Gossamers frail gather and dance in the light
  • Pines and oaks reaching skyward casting cool shadows
  • Squirrels flying from limb to limb - tag in the trees


  • Warm breezes whisper through falling leaves - promise springís return
  • Locusts chatter hypnotic lullabies in silent fields
  • Yellow aspens against the azure sky dance with the wind
  • Cool winds whisper secrets to trees that blush in autumn
  • Shadows call out in trees - fledgling crows learning to fly
  • The rolling rhythm of wheat fields blowing in the breeze
  • Merry crickets harmonize to starry nights
  • Flight lessons begin - the nest empty
  • Voices of the sea surging against rocky shores - power
  • Golden leaves carpet the woods - light streams through
  • Low wind sweeps the foggy dew - luminous skies
  • Leaves floating gracefully on the water rush under the bridge


  • Icy mountains gleam in the sunlight
  • Winter night comes down - cuddle up
  • Frosty windows - artistís palette
  • Birds wait on snowy branches - feeders being filled
  • Moonlight shimmers in the crystal covered valley - drifting snow
  • Crisp winter air midnight starry skies - snow crunches
  • Snowflakes speak to stars in silent sparkles
  • Fir branches laden with white softness - beautiful stillness
  • Dawn awakens Sunlight reveals glistening patterns
  • Wind blows against white flakes of snow - tracks appear
  • Casting shadows trees stand silently in the moonlight
  • Branches heavy with snow lower themselves to shelter life

Weathrgrams by Tana